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More PHP and Ajax Plus SQLite

2015/11/10 - Drew Lenhart

In an old article I showed how to use Ajax to populate multiple selection boxes along with PHP & MySQL. This time I'll quickly show how to use Ajax to query a SQLite DB and populate in a div box.

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How to create an Android App!

2015/10/14 - Drew Lenhart

Believe it or not, it is actually relatively easy to create your own Android app! If you don't have any experience in Java, or feel the necessity to learn the language, use HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The Apache Cordova platform helps to run your HTML5 application as if it were written in the native language.

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Monitor Your Servers with Powershell & More – Part 3 - Dashboard

2015/08/06 - Drew Lenhart

In the last two articles I showed how to create a PowerShell script to ping a list of servers, e-mail a failure, and automate the script via Windows Task Scheduler. See part 1 and part 2 before moving on.

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PHP Flat-File Blog System Demo

2015/07/07 - Drew Lenhart

Last year, around the time I created this blog, I was really looking into Flat-File blog systems. I was looking to create this blog into something really small in size, easy to use, and easy to update.

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Monitor Your Servers with Powershell & More – Part 2

2015/06/30 - Drew Lenhart

Last post, I visited some PowerShell magic. Catch up with the last post. Next I'm going to introduce a quick AutoIT script to execute the PowerShell script and automate using Windows Task Scheduler.

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Monitor Your Servers with Powershell & More - Part 1

2015/05/27 - Drew Lenhart

Need a quick and dirty method to get a quick UP/DOWN status of your servers? I do! I run several servers for media/storage/development and needed a quick tool to give me a heads up of a downed server. This project makes use of PowerShell, AutoIT, HTML/CSS/PHP, MySQL & Javascript. The first part of the tutorial I will show you how to create the PowerShell script that essentially does a ping test of a list of servers!

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Why AutoIT Matters – Part 2

2015/02/17 - Drew Lenhart

In the last article, I quickly ran through how to do a simple check of a website. I left the script kind of open ended and kind of useless. After a little more testing the email function I included wasn't really useful and actually didn't work. So I came up with another solution, as well as made some slight adjustments to the script. Read up on the last article before going further!

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PHP Database Class, Bootstrap, and a Discarded Project

2014/11/18 - Drew Lenhart

Your probably wondering right away what the discarded project means! Awhile ago I was looking into using an Arduino & or a Raspberry Pi to monitor the temperature of each room in my house using multiple temperature sensors. The idea in my head was to display a schematic of my house on a tablet and mount it by my thermostat. Cool idea! I was already using a Raspberry PI as a web server and wanted the tablet/temperature display to connect to the Ras server, which of course hosts the app.

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PHP, Ajax, And Selections

2014/10/29 - Drew Lenhart

I ran into a situation earlier that I quickly overcame and thought I would pass the knowledge along. I ran into a small situation where I needed TWO select boxes. Yes, your thinking no big deal, but I needed to run a couple SQL queries based on what was selected. The first select box pulls data from a MySQL database for selections. When making a selection, the second box takes the first selection, and performs a second SQL query to populate more options. To accomplish this, I am using PHP, Ajax, and MySQL.

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Creating Custom Alias Commands in Linux

2014/10/01 - Drew Lenhart

This tutorial is for Ubuntu users. Creating your own custom commands can free up some typing time, especially if you do a lot of command line work. One of the most common commands on Ubuntu is using the "apt-get" command to download updates/install software.

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Why AutoIT Matters - A Windows Automation Scripting Language

2014/09/05 - Drew Lenhart

AutoIT is a superb scripting language that can be used for automating daily tasks. AutoIT is a language similar to BASIC that not only can be used for scripting, but can be used to make GUI programs as well. Another great point to make is that the scripts you create can be compiled into executables! If you are a Mac user like I am, you can think of it as the AppleScript of Windows. Yes AutoIT is limited to Windows platforms only.

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Challenge: Living a week with only command line Linux – Part Deux

2014/08/30 - Drew Lenhart

A week ago I challenged myself to break out of my norm and do something different. That challenge was using command line Linux ONLY for a week. To be honest the experience wasn't all that bad and was fun. Well, I should say I partially met that challenge. I do have a job as a PHP developer, so I had to use a graphical interface computer to perform my job functions. But at home, I did meet this challenge!

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Challenge: Living a week with only command line Linux - Part 1

2014/08/22 - Drew Lenhart

Lately I have been toying around with command line Linux more than I have ever done in the last ten years. Sure, I've set up Linux web servers, Minecraft servers, dabbled with numerous flavors of Linux, but my exposure is usually limited to setting something up and not having to worry about it for awhile unless it breaks (I'm not talking about using Desktop Managers/Window Managers here, like GNOME, KDE). I do get exposure to Unix systems at my job, but not much more than setting up/maintaining systems described above.

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