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Ubuntu on a Kangaroo PC


It's a new year and I got a new toy to tinker with. I got a new Kangaroo PC by InFocus from Newegg. I am pretty impressed with the form factor. It is a little wider than a cell phone and thicker too but I'm pretty keen to the idea of the mobile desktop. I like the idea of taking the Kangaroo between work and home which can be docked with a monitor!

Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with the performance of Windows 10. I couldn't keep more than a couple tabs open in Chrome or MS Edge before maxing out the memory, seriously. The unit only has 2 GB of memory. I think if the PC had 4 GB, this would be perfect!

Linux to the rescue!

I decided to install Ubuntu on the system. Install is fairly simple:

I did this while Windows 10 was still functioning on the Kangaroo.

2.) Boot into BIOS by hitting F2. Disable Secure Boot in the Configuration tab. Lastly change the EFI Boot Order to have your USB stick boot first. Exit & save changes. The Kangaroo should boot from the USB and can follow the normal steps to install Ubuntu.



I'm not too fond of Ubuntu's Unity interface. I decided on LXDE since it is really lightweight on system resources. I'm also not too fond of the aged look of LXDE either, so I opted for the altered version that is included in Lubuntu. It's a little more crisp on the eyes. I could have just installed Lubuntu on here, but hey, I like to tinker.

Open up the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

Thats it! You can log out and select lubuntu from the gear at the log in prompt! For more info on installing LXDE on Ubuntu click here.

My Kangaroo is currently serving as a web server for a recipe database I created a long time ago. It works pretty well at keeping my old applications alive!

Thanks for reading! --Drew