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Goodbye Siteground, Hello DigitalOcean



After 9 faithful years of being a loyal Siteground customer, I decided to stop paying for shared web hosting.  Paying upwards of $200 a year for a static website and a blog is a bit much.

The downside of shared web hosting, is, well, your website is sharing system resources & bandwidth with other websites.  For me, the price & performance offered for shared hosting is kind of a joke.  Which is why I moved one of my websites to a Virtual Private Server.

I signed up for a Droplet at Digital Ocean!  It's exciting to be the "Server Admin", is a cheap solution, AND I'm not sharing any resources with other websites/customers!  I highly recommend trying DigitalOcean out!

****I am still fixing a lot of the posts that were migrated from my old host.  Sorry, it's a work in progress.