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Challenge: Living a week with only command line Linux - Part 1


Lately I have been toying around with command line Linux more than I have ever done in the last ten years. Sure, I've set up Linux web servers, Minecraft servers, dabbled with numerous flavors of Linux, but my exposure is usually limited to setting something up and not having to worry about it for awhile unless it breaks (I'm not talking about using Desktop Managers/Window Managers here, like GNOME, KDE). I do get exposure to Unix systems at my job, but not much more than setting up/maintaining systems described above.

This got me thinking, can I survive a week ONLY using command line Linux?? How can I do this without going nuts??

The Challenge:

So heres my challenge, take a week out of my life, and use nothing but command line. No other computers or mobile devices. To do this challenge, I have an old box that I previously installed the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (14.04). I had also already removed Ubuntu's GUI interface and uninstalled various packages relating to Unity and GNOME.

If your curious what I'm running:

Dual Core Intel Atom 1.86ghz 1gig sdram 120 gig HD

This is all packed inside a cute little aluminum case by DIYPC. You can find the case on Newegg.

The specs are old. I think I bought the board and processor about 5 years ago, but Linux does well on old machines, especially when a Desktop Manager/Window Manager isn't installed.

I did a little research on how I can accomplish this without going totally nuts. I figured the main issues on command line I would have problems with are editing files and browsing the web. There are TONS of editors out there usually included in Linux distros such as: VI, Nano, and Gedit. So if I need to do any kind of editing/programming, I will be using Nano. As for browsing the internet, there are a few options for getting web content through the command line, such as Lynx or Links.


I will report back in a week!