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Distant Sci-Fi Stories Released!

2019/04/06 - Drew Lenhart

I am proud to announce that my third book has been released on April 1st ( not a joke ). Self-publishing a book is quite a bit of work, but the payoff is awesome.

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Future Sci-Fi Tales Vol 1 Released! (Updated)

2019/02/19 - Drew Lenhart

I am proud to announce that my first issue of Future Sci-Fi Tales Volume 1 has been released for the Amazon Kindle. From start to finish this comic has been a long process to work on with artists all in our spare time.

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st-slim3-skeleton & Swagger

2018/08/24 - Drew Lenhart

I use Slim 3 Framework for many projects personally and professionally. Sometimes having a quick skeleton with the dependencies you use quite frequently is beneficial. Hence making this package.

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Long Time No Blog, OH, and Local Storage...

2017/08/01 - Drew Lenhart

Long time no post! I've been insanely busy with a new house as well as more development responsibilities at my place of occupation. I simply haven't had any time for this blog lately. Anyways I wanted to write up a quick post about a situation I recently encountered, one of those "Why haven't I been doing this all along?" type of moments.

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Auto-refreshing Dashboard in Slim/Twig

2016/08/20 - Drew Lenhart

In my last post I showed off an experiment, a Job/Task scheduler in PHP. As part of the experiment I needed a dashboard to see the status of jobs/tasks in the queue. To do this I wanted a view that was up to date as possible without completely refreshing the whole window. In a much older post I showed how to do this. But this time around I created it differently since I created the dashboard portion using Slim 3, Eloquent ORM, and the Twig template engine.

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I Made a PHP Task Scheduler!

2016/08/01 - Drew Lenhart

This is an experiment in creating a Job/Task Scheduler / Queue system in PHP and a little bit of Python! I'll be clear, I re-invented the wheel on this one. I did this project to help me think differently about creating applications as well as picking up a few new tricks.

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Simple PHP Text Logging Class

2016/06/03 - Drew Lenhart

I recently helped a friend troubleshoot issues with an old PHP application and needed the ability to log messages/errors to log files. More specifically around AJAX requests to PHP files and other various issues. I could have spent two minutes searching Google to find a library already made, but I thought it would be fun to create my own!

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Goodbye Siteground, Hello DigitalOcean

2016/05/09 - Drew Lenhart

After 9 faithful years of being a loyal Siteground customer, I decided to stop paying for shared web hosting.  Paying upwards of $200 a year for a static website and a blog is a bit much.

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Getting Started with a JSON API using Slim Part 3 – Charts!

2016/02/31 - Drew Lenhart

I had some fun in the two earlier articles, part one, part two. I showed how quickly one can create a small JSON API. In this article, I wanted to show how to put that API into use. As I explained in the first article, I use AMCharts all the time for many different types of charts. I also use the same way of building Slim JSON API's as a datafeed!

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Getting Started with a JSON API using Slim Part 2

2016/01/31 - Drew Lenhart

In the last article, I showed how to get started with a Slim JSON API. I had so much fun with it that I thought I would build on the API and correct a couple wrongs. To recap, I came up with the scenario that we wanted to collect CPU / MEMORY / C: Drive utilization from a computer.

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Getting Started with a JSON API using Slim!

2016/01/31 - Drew Lenhart

I am going to show you how easy it is to get started with creating your own JSON API using Slim! This is useful for creating a multitude of different platform applications that can read one common data set.

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PHP App using Slim, Eloquent ORM, and Twig Template Engine - Part 1

2016/01/25 - Drew Lenhart

I spent the last few years completely ignoring the slew of PHP Frameworks out there ( Hey, I like to re-invent the wheel sometimes ). I finally realized that I've been getting sloppy in some of my small projects that turn large. Specifically my own solutions to problems when I could have just used a framework and saved loads of time.

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Ubuntu on a Kangaroo PC

2016/01/18 - Drew Lenhart

It's a new year and I got a new toy to tinker with. I got a new Kangaroo PC by InFocus from Newegg. I am pretty impressed with the form factor. It is a little wider than a cell phone and thicker too but I'm pretty keen to the idea of the mobile desktop. I like the idea of taking the Kangaroo between work and home which can be docked with a monitor!

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